President Trump announced today that he is going to hold his State of the Union Address at the West Virginia Mountaineers stadium. Instead of inviting senators, congressmen and jurors EVERY person in attendance will be someone who has lost a loved one due to our horrible immigration policies.

He provided a short preview of his speech:

“Today we are here to discuss the State of the Union. And the State of the Union is THIS: EVERYONE in this stadium has lost a LOVED ONE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VIOLENCE.” And then he plans to stroll up and down the aisles getting the personal stories of as many people as who are willing to talk UNTIL MOST PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN UP AND GONE TO BED. “Let Chuck and Nancy have their rebuttals at 3am,” the Commander in Chief smirked…

A preview of the 2020 Democratic Presidential debates

The debate opens with a question from the moderator.

“Candidate #1, If elected how will you help the people of the United States?”

Candidate #1 “I just want to say that I really hate Trump.”

Candidate #2 “I hate Trump more than you do.”

Candidate #3 “I hate Trump more than all of you put together.”

Candidate #4 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him.”

Candidate #5 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him more than you do.”

Candidate #6 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him more than all of you put together.”

Candidate #7 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young.”

Candidate #8 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young, more than you do.”

Candidate #9 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young, more than all of you put together.”

Candidate #10 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young. I also hate his family.”

Candidate #11 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young. I also hate his family more than you do.”

Candidate #12 “I HATE Trump and everyone who voted for him and everyone who supports him, no matter how young. I also hate his family more than all of you put together.”

Candidates #13-20 “NO, I HATE THEM THE MOST!!!”


The End of Life

The End of Life
I can’t speak for everyone and we all have different coping mechanisms, but I am sure much of what I feel is common. I write this now so the loved ones of every dying or critically ill person can find out what it feels like without forcing their loved one to say it. If you absolutely MUST have them tell you what they don’t want to say let them read this and circle the parts that apply to them.

A terminal illness is a terrible thing for the loved ones of the stricken person, but it is twice as bad for the person who is afflicted. You may think you want them to share with you how they are feeling, but you don’t. Even if they tell it you won’t REALLY know how it feels until YOU are the one who is dying.

You are grieving for your loss and worrying about your future. Your loved one is worried about these things AND they are trying to cope with the reality that their time is coming sooner than they would like.

I had 46 of the best years any human ever had. I was healthier and happier than 99% of the world. My neuropathy started in 2009 and I have suffered ever since. I have an autonomic nervous system dysfunction so NOTHING works the way it is supposed to.

I never know if I will be able to sleep, if I will feel rested if I DO sleep, if I will be able to keep what I eat down, how long I will feel like I want to hurl if I DO keep it down, which part of my body will be in indescribable pain or how low my energy level will be.

Each day I wonder why I continue to fight when the only thing I have to look forward to is more pain and suffering. The only reason I persist is because of my loved ones. I worry more about them than I do about me.

If I were alone in the world I would have lain down and died over a year ago. The only thing that drives me on is my will and each day the will grows weaker. I don’t want to die because of how it will affect those that care about me, but at the same time I feel conscribed to go through an ordeal I would just as soon not face and I resent the fact that I can’t just lay down and die.

I want to tell people just how awful I feel, but I don’t believe anyone else should be burdened with it, thus my silence. You want to understand how we feel, but WE DON’T WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND IT. It is the worst feeling a person can possibly go through. I would prefer that anyone I care about die a sudden, peaceful death so that they never know the frustration, guilt and anger of a protracted terminal illness.

I feel guilt because my wife never signed up for this. I feel guilt because I promised I would always be around to protect her. When she met me my health was perfect. I was strong mentally and physically. She has had to watch my suffering and she is helpless to do anything about it. This is the one thing that everyone can understand in the situation – the helplessness.

I have had a lot of experience in my life, and helplessness is one of the worst feelings there is. In the past my sense of helplessness always centered around being unable to prevent loved ones from being ill or dying. On a personal level I always felt that as long as I had my mind and my health I could overcome anything. My health has been taken from me and my emotional and psychological well being is suffering from it.

I am so tired all the time that it is impossible to describe. On a good day I might feel decent for an hour before the fatigue sets in. This isn’t just a tiredness or a bone-weary feeling. This is a fatigue that cuts all the way through to the soul. I am so tired, but I am even MORE tired of being tired. I would give anything to feel like myself again for one lousy day.

The frustration and anger are directly related to the helpless and hopeless feeling. They are not angry AT YOU. They are just angry down to their very core because they not only can’t help you, they can’t even help themselves. If we try to avoid you so you don’t see our pain you feel a different kind of pain from being shut out. Many of us choose to shut the other one out rather than let them feel the worse pain, guilt and anger.

I haven’t even mentioned fear yet. Fear is always present now. I am afraid of what will happen if I die before my mother, wife and daughter do. I have already seen what it did to my grandparents when my dad died before they did and the sorrow my aunt and uncle had to endure when they lost their daughter at an early age. I saw what my mother went through when my dad died. I don’t want my mother to go through that again either.

At the same time I am afraid of what will happen if I outlive them. I can’t imagine a world without my mother. She has been the rock that my universe has revolved around for 57 years. I have never known a time without her and I can’t imagine one without crying. Life without my wife is nearly as inconceivable and the thought of losing my daughter fills me with a sense of dread like no other.

For me the fear is the hardest thing to deal with. I have been basically fearless throughout life. I led with my face and figured if I got knocked down I would get back up and heal. The fear I felt was usually short-lived and ended when I could confront it. I was never concerned with what MIGHT happen because I always had confidence that I could deal with WHATEVER happened. If something DID make me afraid I would confront it head on. I was a defender of the weak and unafraid to seek truth and justice. Now I am being killed by a foe that I can’t outsmart, outrun or overpower.

I really had no experience with fear and now I live with it every day. That is one source of the anger.

The anger is what you see. I feel like a wounded and cornered grizzly bear. I want to lash out and destroy everything around me, but what good would it do? So it is just one more thing that hurts and can’t be expressed.

How do I tell you that I push you away so that I can deal with this without you seeing the true depth of my pain and anguish? That I get tired of putting on a brave face and sometimes I just want to let the sorrow flow? That I can’t feel free to suffer while you are present? That sometimes putting on the brave face and trying to carry on is the most difficult part of all of this?

How do you describe the incredible burden of trying to go on with life when there is no hope? How do you tell someone that the sorrow in their eyes only compounds the sorrow in your heart? Is it fair to shut someone out and not let them know how you feel? Of course it isn’t. But it is equally unfair to ask someone that loves you to lay the burden of their pain and fear on you as well. When they tell you that they don’t want to talk about it and they don’t want you to know TRUST THEM.

California Dreaming 20/20

Now all the streets are brown
(all the streets are brown)
And stained by human waste
(stained by human waste)
The stench round here’s so bad
(stench round here’s so bad)
I don’t want to smell or taste
(don’t want to smell or taste)
I know there’s got to be
(know there’s got to be)
Forty nine better states
(Forty nine better states)

California Dreaming
(California Dreaming)
I long to get away

The Waters full of crap,
so is what’s in the tap.

I’d like to take a ride
(like to take a ride)
Or maybe take a stroll
(maybe take a stroll)
But it is hot outside
(it is hot outside)
Oh, where’s the poop patrol?
(where’s the poop patrol?)

I get down on my knees
(get down on my knees)
And I begin to pray
(I begin to pray)
It once was safe and warm
(once was safe and warm)
But that was yesterday
(that was yesterday)

California Dreaming
(California dreaming)
I’ve got to get away.

V for Vendetta – An open letter to our legislators Re: the DOJ and the FBI

Some people are comparing the Trump/Russia collusion investigation to all the wrong things such as the Holocaust, slavery, 911, etc., etc. The more appropriate comparison is the era of Eisenhower, Hoover, Joe McCarthy and the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Their “investigations” ruined the lives of many Americans for political reasons.

Both are terrifying examples of government gone horribly wrong.

Our forefathers KNEW what shape our government would eventually take. They KNEW that government grows and becomes unresponsive. They KNEW that power corrupts. That is what we have today, a corrupt, unresponsive government.

Our forefathers specifically included the 2nd amendment to the bill of rights TO DEFEND US FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

The recent activities by the FBI/DOJ and the CIA, State Department, The Clintons and President Obama have proven BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT why Americans not only have the RIGHT to be armed EFFECTIVELY but the necessity to do so. I have never been so concerned about our government. It seems that daily We, the People are reminded that the government doesn’t care about us at any time except election time.

In the movie “V for Vendetta” an anti hero fights a government gone mad. He takes it to extreme measures including violence. It is easy to see how one can come to the conclusion that THAT is the only hope for the future given that high ranking members of the FBI and DOJ have been PROVEN to have tried to swing at least one election using illegal tactics.

Given that they answer to NO ONE it is really impossible to know just how many elections, both domestic and foreign, they HAVE manipulated.

Could anyone really be blamed for taking matters into their own hands when members of our government have been proven to be both above the law and immune to justice? The only reason this ever came out is because We, the People rejected more Clinton Crime Cartel leadership. Had Hillary won in 2016 this would have all been buried and anyone who tried to expose it would be silenced.

My dear legislators, it is IMPERATIVE that you act now, before all hope is lost. You MUST give us full transparency on the Uranium One deal, including all the pertinent emails for those involved. I am certain that most of the resist Trump movement in DC and in the press has to do with the Clintons and the people they involved in the deal to sell out our country.

They were either DIRECTLY involved in Clinton crimes, or they became ensnared in Clinton cover ups or they were just Clinton defenders who failed to realize the breadth and depth of Clinton Crime Cartel corruption and are in too deep to confess now.

What happened to William Campbell’s testimony? How is a DISCREDITED FBI op, Christopher Steele, given credence and William Campbell, a true blue FBI agent with an impeccable record silenced? Is there a BETTER example of bias?

Unfortunately I think there is and I must be the only one that noticed. During open hearing testimony Peter Strzok testified that HE was the one that decided which of his communications he would turn over to the FBI. My mind is still reeling. Once again the FBI investigates ITSELF!!! SERIOUSLY???

This is EXACTLY akin to allowing Hillary Clinton and the DNC to decide what evidence to turn over to the FBI. If allowing a suspect to determine WHICH records they turn over to investigators isn’t indicative of a HUGE bias, if not a criminal conspiracy, then I can’t conceive what is. But I have AN EVEN BETTER EXAMPLE of bias in the texts that Strzok DID allow to become public.

Strzok texted “I can’t imagine anything worse than there being ‘no there there’” in regards to president Trump colluding with Russia. Never have more damning words been typed. Shouldn’t the proper worst case scenario for a TRUE AMERICAN FBI AGENT ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOB be “I can’t imagine anything worse that Trump ACTUALLY colluding with Russia?” No one questioned this statement.

Clearly Strzok suborned his love of country and honor and duty to his political agenda if he even had that thought. BUT that isn’t the end of it. Strzok claimed that he was able to separate his dislike of Trump from his job. Even if that highly unlikely statement is true here is a question for his defenders.

Did you ever see a coach give a pep talk? Do you know what the purpose is? The purpose of a pep talk is to motivate people to go above and beyond themselves and sometimes the law. Maybe, just maybe, Strzok WAS able to keep his animus separate from his investigation, but does anyone truly believe that his animus did not spread to his underlings and affect THEIR decision making re Trump?

Does anyone but me wonder if they might have said or done things in an effort to please their Trump-hating superior in an effort to win his approval? Or do you question if maybe, just maybe, they  bought into Strzok’s hatred and decided that it was “anything goes” where Trump and his team were concerned? Again no one asked him this.

There is proof positive of bias in Peter Strzok and the FBIs job performance re: Trump Vs Hillary. When Anthony Weiner’s desktop was discovered  James Comey’s testified, “And so they found thousands of new emails and then called me the Saturday night before the election and said thanks to the wizardry of our technology, we’ve only had to personally read 6,000. We think we can finish tomorrow morning, Sunday.”

So James Comey and the other Clinton sycophants were able to read SIX THOUSAND EMAILS OVERNIGHT and they have failed to produce 6 thousand pages of documents at the request of the HIC in over a year. Don’t you think THAT shows operational bias in the DOJs performance? If not then please give a rational explanation.

I think those are all valid questions until We, the People get to see the unredacted testimony and evidence. I know I, for one, will NEVER trust our government until the people involved in the Uranium One deal and all its fall-out, including the war on Trump, are brought to justice. I will never be able to have faith in a government which would allow itself to be corrupted from within as it has so evidently been.

I am a fairly smart man. I not only SEE the problems around us, but I actually have REALISTIC solutions to many of them. Can I get ANYONE to listen to me? NO!!!

I understand how people like the Unabomber and these wack job school shooters do what they do – BECAUSE NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO THEM.

When I see some deranged person attack Scolise or Gabrielle Giffords it makes me ill inside, but I GET IT. Their voice and their “ideals” will never be heard any other way. Violence seems to be the only way to get anyone’s attention unless you are already rich and powerful.

I myself have pondered wiping out our government and starting again, but the pragmatist in me says “it will just happen again. New faces, same old crimes.” People elect stupid and/or corrupt representatives and they get what they deserve.

Our government DOES NOT have to institutionalize corruption and stupidity, however. It needs to do everything it can to prevent it, as the activities of the FBI from 2015 to present have more than adequately demonstrated.

Is EITHER political party willing to take a chance on a government that hasn’t been honest this time to do right by them in the future? They shouldn’t be until the last few years have been thoroughly aired out and disinfected. Both sides should be equally interested in preventing this from happening again.

I think Trump should say that he thinks that the DOJ and FBI did the right thing and ALL candidates and office holders will be investigated by a special team created by him. He should then go on to say that due to a manpower shortage they will have to concentrate on the democrats first. I wonder how quickly the rights which have been violated by the leftists in the FBI would suddenly become sacred were the shoe on the other foot.

My dear legislators, much like Kim Jong Un, you can be HEROES to your countrymen, SIMPLY BY DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.

He can feed his people and you can restore We, the People’s faith in the Constitution and the Department of Justice by exposing and prosecuting these criminals. The alternative is having a constituency with absolutely no faith in your authority and no reason not to take matters into their own hands.

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Why the Left NEEDS a wall – and why they DON’T build it…

One of the most divisive topics today is the topic of immigration. Views on America’s borders run from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some people want to have the borders be a meaningless line that anyone can cross simply by stepping out of Mexico or Canada. Others want actual physical walls to keep out EVERYONE. Despite what people claim they want and/or believe many of the positions about the wall range from absurd to diabolical.

The Democrats, who were all for border security just a few short years ago,  from the time of Bill Clinton to the end of Obama sin Laden, now suddenly view border security as a complete affront to humanity. Trump is demonized and anyone that supports him is, by extension, an evil, loathesome person who deserves no respect or consideration.

Based upon RATIONAL reasons that is a terrible position to take. There are only two reasons to object to a border wall and one of them isn’t even valid. The first reason is that it supposedly helps the people who illegally immigrate. That is highly debatable. The second reason, the ACTUAL reason, is that the Democratic party wants to flood the country with uneducated workers who will be dependent upon the government, and therefore dependent upon the handouts promised by the Democrats. EVEN THOUGH the entitlements will destroy the country.

In regards to the noble reason, the first reason, it is debateable that illegal immigration or immigration into the United States is helping them AT ALL. According to who you believe people from Central America are paying up to 6000 each to get into the United States, where they have no jobs, no experience, and frequently no ability to communicate in english.

My first question is “If they can raise 6000 dollars to come into the US ILLEGALLY then the countries they are coming from must not be that terrible to begin with. How many Americans have gone their entire lives without ever having 6000 in cash to move or go somewhere on vacation? How many AMERICAN FAMILIES of five have 30,000 dollars available to them? Not many I bet. These families would be better served to stay in their current countries where the cost of living is low and where automation hasn’t eliminated unskilled positions, but the liberals will never tell them this, because it defeats their purpose of luring democratic voters to the United States. I wonder how much the Left would care about these people if they knew that they were likely to vote republican…

In the countries they are coming from 6000 is a large to a very large amount. More than enough to live on for a year. In the United States that money won’t even rent them a decent apartment for a year. So they left a country where they are relatively wealthy to come to a country where they will live in WORSE conditions.

According to some statistics the labor force for unskilled laborers will continue to decline, by some estimates costing up to 20 MILLION jobs in the next decade. What will unskilled Americans do to survive when unskilled illegal immigrants are taking the dwindling unskilled jobs?

By the democrats plan, there will be more and more people without abilities in this country each year for two reasons: the first is THEY WILL KEEP ALLOWING THEM IN. The second is robotics will make many unskilled labor jobs obsolete. Automated restaurants already exist. So by the Democrats plan we will have a burgeoning workforce in a dwindling job market.

They are trying to ensure the growth of the democratic party regardless of the cost to the country, and since they have no RATIONAL reasons to convince someone that their position is correct they resort to emotional displays that only further divide the country, including their policy of victimization and the constant labelling of people as “ists,” i.e. racist, sexist, misogynist, classist, etc., etc.

With just the slightest bit of thought all reasons for objecting to a border wall can easily be shown to be excuses, not reasons.

Both parties CLAIM to be concerned about opiod addiction and death. The Democrats also CLAIM to be concerned about the proliferation of guns in the United States. A simple thought experiment will show the aburdity of the current liberal position on the wall.

Let’s say that God or some highly advanced alien gives me a magic wand with incredible power. Let’s further suppose that I believe that getting rid of ALL guns in the United States is the correct thing to do. Then let’s suppose that I take my magic wand and I make ALL of the illegal drugs and ALL of the guns in the United States teleport into the sun. We INSTANTLY have a country that has ZERO drugs and ZERO guns.

We are almost home now. Further imagine just how long it will take for illegal drugs and guns to come across AN UNDEFENDED BORDER. Within 5 minutes of me making all the guns and all the drugs in the United States disappear more drugs and guns will flow into our country from Mexico, and the only difference between pre-wand and post-wand in this scenario is that law abiding American citizens will be defenseless vs drug dealers and gangsters coming from Mexico.

All of which means NOTHING to the elite liberals sitting in their multi million dollar mansions in gated communities. THEY keep undesirables out of THEIR homes, but they have no problem allowing MILLIONS of them to flood YOUR country, living on YOUR streets with THEIR feces and THEIR dirty hypodermics. They don’t mind if the rest of the country has a lower standard of living because they already have their riches.

I have a proposal on the illegal immigrants already in the country and any who may enter the country in the future. We simply pass a law that says that ANYONE who enters the country illegally CAN ONLY VOTE REPUBLICAN.

I can envision liberal heads exploding at that jest. I DO NOT propose making them all vote Republican, what I do propose is a law that makes it so that anyone that enters the country illegally can NEVER VOTE at ANY level. Give them extended work visas so they can get SSNs and pay taxes like the people they CLAIM they want to be. Let them go through the naturalization process like any other people trying to become American citizens. If that is what they really want that is what they will do. If that ISN’T what they really want then we will finally be able to see them as what they are, the tools of the Left.

Taking the vote away from illegal immigrants disincentivizes the Democratic Party. Much like the way Clinton Foundation donations dried up once Hillary was rejected by the American voters in over 2500 out of 3100 counties in the United States did, Democrats interest in immigrants will disappear once they can’t bring in illegals to vote democratic.

The final layer of the liberals hypocrisy can be demonstrated as well. We have heard nothing but “what about the children” ever since Trump was elected. What a bunch of hypocrites. Where was their concern for “the children” for 8 years of O’Bumble, including two years of a super majority during which they could have enacted any immigration policy they chose? They chose to do nothing, to maintain NO POLICY, or I should say NO STATED POLICY, because their real policy would alienate Americans if they did state it.

They want to flood the country with potential democrats and they do not care about THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. If they REALLY cared about children they would have done something about the MILLIONS of people left homeless and the hundreds of thousands of children killed, orphaned or enslaved by ISIS. Where was their great concern THEN? Their concern is their OWN political agendas, most particularly the agenda of staying in power.

If they REALLY cared about children they would have done something about the poverty IN THE UNITED STATES. If they REALLY cared about children they would educate the children IN THE UNITED STATES. If they REALLY cared about children they would encourage families to remain families instead of incentivizing them to NOT be families.

Don’t let them fool you. The Left does NOT care about children, and they REALLY do not care about YOU. They only care about their misguided and impossible economic and social systems and they will attempt any dishonest and unethical means to achieve their ends.


Epistemology is the study of knowledge. It has been a common topic among philosophers for thousands of years. While there has never been a conclusive proof that any specific theory is correct modern epistemology has a new layer which was not foreseen by pre-20th century philosophers.

Epistemology is the underlying issue in science, philosophy and life. Earlier epistemologists concentrated on the search for what is REAL. Each of them had ideas about the “real world,” but no one could prove if any of them were correct. Plato, Locke, Kant and Descartes offered different explanations of human understanding but most eventually came to the conclusion that our knowledge of “reality” is limited to what we can perceive. Those beliefs were born out in later years as scientific knowledge grew and things which were previously undetectable came within man’s scope.

At the time they lived they had no knowledge of radio waves, electromagnetic radiation, or the relative nature of space/time. These things all existed prior to our ability to detect them but our lack of perception prevented us from knowing them. As science advanced and we became able to detect things which were previously unseen our understanding of reality grew thus proving that our understanding of reality was determined by our perception and not vice versa.

Once it was generally agreed upon that we cannot know what is “real,” and that we can only know what we perceive, the debate centered around how we can prove our perceptions are accurate. They sought to understand how our preconceptions of the world affect our perceptions of it, and in some cases, vice versa.

All good philosophical debate is based on sound premises. In order for an argument to be sound the premises it’s based upon must also be sound. The problem was and is that any premise can be disputed unless we can prove how we know that premise to be true. The goal of philosophers was to establish how we know what we know so that we can have premises which can be agreed upon as the basis of our rational arguments and our philosophical thoughts.

At that time virtually all of what people knew came through direct experience. Experience which was not obtained personally and directly almost always came from people who they personally knew and could judge the veracity thereof. The world was a small place and people knew where information was coming from and the reputations of the people responsible for it.

In today’s tele world much of our experience is coming from sources which are not in our direct experience. We read things which are composed by other people who we have never met and in many cases we have no personal knowledge of their intent or their integrity. Social media users can post things anonymously without repercussion and without any concern for “truth” or “fair play.”

Of even greater concern is the mass media which has turned its back on the concept of truth in pursuit of self-centered goals. They distort the truth, omit the truth, or just spew blatant lies. One of the most important keys to a functioning democracy is TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY.

The third estate used to exist in this country as a functional counterbalance and watchdog of our government and corporate powers. Honorable journalists sought the facts, presented the facts, and allowed their viewers and readers to form their own conclusions. They tried to hold our political and business leaders accountable in the best interests of all Americans.

In recent years the mainstream media has become the equivalent of the Soviet era TASS. They are nothing more than the propaganda arm of Hollywood liberals and the Democratic party. Anything liberals and democrats do is, by default, acceptable. Anything that anyone that disagrees with them does, is by default, unacceptable.

Our media decided to collude with the Clintons during Bill’s presidency and they have never looked back or turned back since. They have chosen to ignore the most egregious and disgusting acts perpetrated by the Clintons and Obama. They do not hesitate to publish known lies, quoting “anonymous” sources. Their dedication to their misguided ideals is equaled only by their willingness to disregard the rights, beliefs and freedoms of those who disagree with them.

While they relentlessly attack any who have the nerves to dispute their moral superiority, they protect those who espouse liberal philosophy and their Democratic donors regardless of their crimes or their personal foibles. They ignore the hatred and racist rants of their members and seek to cover it up to maintain their illusion of superiority. Women who had their rights violated by sexist liberal business and political leaders are berated and attacked by the very people who should be defending them.

The rights of women and minorities they claim to espouse are secondary to the perpetuation of their own power. This is not the exclusive domain of liberals or the Democratic Party. Our political leaders in general have shown utter disregard for their constituency or the laws that the people that elected them are forced to live by. The only “constituency” our elected representatives concern themselves with are: themselves, their political party, political action committees and corporate lobbyists. The only time they even pretend to care about the voter is at election time. The purpose of is to restore the government to the people of this great country.

Towards this end we promote open and honest discussion of issues and solutions from well-intentioned people regardless of their political affiliation or social beliefs. Ideas and answers expressed on this site should be considered starting points and not final solutions. All beliefs and ideas should be subject to revision based upon subsequent evidence.

The Greatest Conspiracy of all Time – The War on Trump

This war is not about Trump being a wealthy man, all the members of Congress are wealthy themselves or they deal with wealthy people on a regular basis. This isn’t about him being a sexist or a racist. That is also common in Washington and Hollywood. This isn’t about Trump being a Republican or a conservative, there have been previous Republicans who did not face the level of opposition and resistance Donald Trump has faced. This is not about any crimes he committed in the past or about his personal behavior.

We have people on the left and right who believe that this war on Trump is ideological, it is not. This isn’t about his stands on the NRA, Right to Life, Religious Freedom, Free Speech, Globalism, foreign relations or any of the other crap they have been feeding us. This is about two things and two things only: The widespread corruption in Washington D.C. and a simple three word chant that Trump spoke and much of America embraced, “drain the swamp.”

Never before have the swamp rats in DC felt so threatened. Everything they have done since has been a direct response to prevent Donald from keeping his promise to “drain the swamp.” They have brought one frivolous lawsuit and slanderous claim after another against him to paralyze his presidency and keep him from directing attention to their activities over the last several decades.

Except for Douglas Campbell, I don’t believe that anyone who wasn’t involved in the corruption, including Donald Trump, realized the depth and breadth of the corruption in this country. When he promised to “drain the swamp” he probably figured that he was referring to a select group of individuals. Little did he know just how may swamp rats there are making their homes in Washington.

Although it might be easier to list who ISN’T involved in this I will attempt to provide a starting point and those with better resources can make the connections.

First we should start with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are the Swamp Rat King and Queen. They are the roots of all that is wrong in the Democratic Party and American politics in general. Their corruption is so widespread that their slimy tendrils have infiltrated every branch of the government. It is impossible to cite their misdeeds without naming virtually every department and agency in the US.

First Bill corrupted the state of Arkansas. Bill used Highway patrolmen to bring him women to prey upon and he was involved in Whitewater. Whitewater marked the FIRST time that the Clinton’s either hid, altered or outright destroyed evidence in defiance of court orders, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. This marked the beginning of their total disregard for the law and the constitution of the United States. It also began forming the large group of people who became involved in the Clinton’s web of corruption.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have been involved in the Clinton’s dirty deals, either in the actual commission of the crimes, the subsequent cover-up attempts, or the justification of or diversion from their criminal activities. The people they haven’t been able to corrupt they have been willing to blackmail or coerce into shutting up. Ask James McDougal what they were willing to do to silence anyone who threatened their kingdom. He was the one person that could bring down the Clintons in the Whitewater scam. He died in prison under extremely suspicious circumstances.

So we start the Clinton Crime Cartel Foundation with allies of the Clinton’s during their time in Arkansas. It didn’t take long for them to spread the corruption in Washington, as Bill used Secret Service agents to protect him while he had sexual encounters with a young lady who worked for him. Companies and Universities all over the country had rules in place about this kind of behavior, but in typical Clintonesque fashion Bill ignored laws and ethics and did what suited him.

He cheated on his wife, but it was OK because everyone understood why he cheated and she didn’t care. She saw Bill as a stepping stone and stayed with him, not out of loyalty to Bill, but out of her own self-centered ambitions. The affair was cheap and disgusting, but the crime occurred in the follow up. To this day I cannot understand how Bill Clinton escaped Obstruction of Justice charges. It was a slam dunk case.

This is where the second group of Clinton accomplices and apologists enter. This is also where the entire United States became permanently divided along party lines. Not a single democrat voted to impeach Clinton when obvious crimes were committed. They proved that their dedication to their party and staying in power was far more important to them than laws, ethics or honor.

So we see that the Clintons already had many people invested in them before Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. They had either aided and abetted in the crimes or they had become embroiled in the cover ups or they had staked their reputations on the Clintons defense and they weren’t willing or able to admit that they had been duped.

No one likes to admit they are wrong. The four most satisfying words in the English language are “I told you so.” For many people the three hardest to say are “I was wrong.” Much like Arthur Fonzarelli they choke on the words.

But more importantly, for the Elite leftists, they know their illusion of superiority will be shattered if they admit they are wrong and their long game is dependent upon their moral superiority. (See The Near Death of Pride on

The Clinton Crime Cartel expanded its influence globally during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State. Her Uranium One activities have embroiled all of the intelligence services and many of the Departments and Agencies of the United States in her crimes. They are all desperate to escape punishment so they have conducted the three ring circus Americans have been subjected to ever since they started to take Trump’s chances of winning the presidency seriously.

The Departments of State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Commerce, Energy and Homeland Security, and two White House agencies, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Office of Science and Technology Policy all colluded with Hillary Clinton and Russia to sell US Uranium to Russian interests. THEN THEY TELL US THAT THE RUSSIANS ARE DANGEROUS? LAUGHABLE.  Everyone involved in this crooked deal can be counted as an active Trump enemy. I am sure investigating their ties to Mueller, Rosenstein, Brennan, Clapper, etc., etc. would be very enlightening.

Everyone involved in the Benghazi cover up can be counted as an active enemy of Donald Trump. Everyone involved in the Iran deal and the cover ups relating to it can be counted as Trump enemies. Everyone involved in the Clinton EMail deletion cover up is an active enemy of Donald Trump.

Everyone who has ever been involved in the Clinton’s dirty dealings can be counted as Trump enemies, all because of three simple words, “DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

To see how Trump can defeat all this read “Breaking the Stonewall” at