California Dreaming 20/20


Now all the streets are brown
(all the streets are brown)
And stained by human waste
(stained by human waste)
The stench round here’s so bad
(stench round here’s so bad)
I don’t want to smell or taste
(don’t want to smell or taste)
I know there’s got to be
(know there’s got to be)
Forty nine better states
(Forty nine better states)

California Dreaming
(California Dreaming)
I long to get away

The Waters full of crap,
so is what’s in the tap.

I’d like to take a ride
(like to take a ride)
Or maybe take a stroll
(maybe take a stroll)
But it is hot outside
(it is hot outside)
Oh, where’s the poop patrol?
(where’s the poop patrol?)

I get down on my knees
(get down on my knees)
And I begin to pray
(I begin to pray)
It once was safe and warm
(once was safe and warm)
But that was yesterday
(that was yesterday)

California Dreaming
(California dreaming)
I’ve got to get away.

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