V for Vendetta – An open letter to our legislators Re: the DOJ and the FBI


Some people are comparing the Trump/Russia collusion investigation to all the wrong things such as the Holocaust, slavery, 911, etc., etc. The more appropriate comparison is the era of Eisenhower, Hoover, Joe McCarthy and the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Their “investigations” ruined the lives of many Americans for political reasons.

Both are terrifying examples of government gone horribly wrong.

Our forefathers KNEW what shape our government would eventually take. They KNEW that government grows and becomes unresponsive. They KNEW that power corrupts. That is what we have today, a corrupt, unresponsive government.

Our forefathers specifically included the 2nd amendment to the bill of rights TO DEFEND US FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

The recent activities by the FBI/DOJ and the CIA, State Department, The Clintons and President Obama have proven BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT why Americans not only have the RIGHT to be armed EFFECTIVELY but the necessity to do so. I have never been so concerned about our government. It seems that daily We, the People are reminded that the government doesn’t care about us at any time except election time.

In the movie “V for Vendetta” an anti hero fights a government gone mad. He takes it to extreme measures including violence. It is easy to see how one can come to the conclusion that THAT is the only hope for the future given that high ranking members of the FBI and DOJ have been PROVEN to have tried to swing at least one election using illegal tactics.

Given that they answer to NO ONE it is really impossible to know just how many elections, both domestic and foreign, they HAVE manipulated.

Could anyone really be blamed for taking matters into their own hands when members of our government have been proven to be both above the law and immune to justice? The only reason this ever came out is because We, the People rejected more Clinton Crime Cartel leadership. Had Hillary won in 2016 this would have all been buried and anyone who tried to expose it would be silenced.

My dear legislators, it is IMPERATIVE that you act now, before all hope is lost. You MUST give us full transparency on the Uranium One deal, including all the pertinent emails for those involved. I am certain that most of the resist Trump movement in DC and in the press has to do with the Clintons and the people they involved in the deal to sell out our country.

They were either DIRECTLY involved in Clinton crimes, or they became ensnared in Clinton cover ups or they were just Clinton defenders who failed to realize the breadth and depth of Clinton Crime Cartel corruption and are in too deep to confess now.

What happened to William Campbell’s testimony? How is a DISCREDITED FBI op, Christopher Steele, given credence and William Campbell, a true blue FBI agent with an impeccable record silenced? Is there a BETTER example of bias?

Unfortunately I think there is and I must be the only one that noticed. During open hearing testimony Peter Strzok testified that HE was the one that decided which of his communications he would turn over to the FBI. My mind is still reeling. Once again the FBI investigates ITSELF!!! SERIOUSLY???

This is EXACTLY akin to allowing Hillary Clinton and the DNC to decide what evidence to turn over to the FBI. If allowing a suspect to determine WHICH records they turn over to investigators isn’t indicative of a HUGE bias, if not a criminal conspiracy, then I can’t conceive what is. But I have AN EVEN BETTER EXAMPLE of bias in the texts that Strzok DID allow to become public.

Strzok texted “I can’t imagine anything worse than there being ‘no there there’” in regards to president Trump colluding with Russia. Never have more damning words been typed. Shouldn’t the proper worst case scenario for a TRUE AMERICAN FBI AGENT ACTUALLY DOING THEIR JOB be “I can’t imagine anything worse that Trump ACTUALLY colluding with Russia?” No one questioned this statement.

Clearly Strzok suborned his love of country and honor and duty to his political agenda if he even had that thought. BUT that isn’t the end of it. Strzok claimed that he was able to separate his dislike of Trump from his job. Even if that highly unlikely statement is true here is a question for his defenders.

Did you ever see a coach give a pep talk? Do you know what the purpose is? The purpose of a pep talk is to motivate people to go above and beyond themselves and sometimes the law. Maybe, just maybe, Strzok WAS able to keep his animus separate from his investigation, but does anyone truly believe that his animus did not spread to his underlings and affect THEIR decision making re Trump?

Does anyone but me wonder if they might have said or done things in an effort to please their Trump-hating superior in an effort to win his approval? Or do you question if maybe, just maybe, they  bought into Strzok’s hatred and decided that it was “anything goes” where Trump and his team were concerned? Again no one asked him this.

There is proof positive of bias in Peter Strzok and the FBIs job performance re: Trump Vs Hillary. When Anthony Weiner’s desktop was discovered  James Comey’s testified, “And so they found thousands of new emails and then called me the Saturday night before the election and said thanks to the wizardry of our technology, we’ve only had to personally read 6,000. We think we can finish tomorrow morning, Sunday.”

So James Comey and the other Clinton sycophants were able to read SIX THOUSAND EMAILS OVERNIGHT and they have failed to produce 6 thousand pages of documents at the request of the HIC in over a year. Don’t you think THAT shows operational bias in the DOJs performance? If not then please give a rational explanation.

I think those are all valid questions until We, the People get to see the unredacted testimony and evidence. I know I, for one, will NEVER trust our government until the people involved in the Uranium One deal and all its fall-out, including the war on Trump, are brought to justice. I will never be able to have faith in a government which would allow itself to be corrupted from within as it has so evidently been.

I am a fairly smart man. I not only SEE the problems around us, but I actually have REALISTIC solutions to many of them. Can I get ANYONE to listen to me? NO!!!

I understand how people like the Unabomber and these wack job school shooters do what they do – BECAUSE NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO THEM.

When I see some deranged person attack Scolise or Gabrielle Giffords it makes me ill inside, but I GET IT. Their voice and their “ideals” will never be heard any other way. Violence seems to be the only way to get anyone’s attention unless you are already rich and powerful.

I myself have pondered wiping out our government and starting again, but the pragmatist in me says “it will just happen again. New faces, same old crimes.” People elect stupid and/or corrupt representatives and they get what they deserve.

Our government DOES NOT have to institutionalize corruption and stupidity, however. It needs to do everything it can to prevent it, as the activities of the FBI from 2015 to present have more than adequately demonstrated.

Is EITHER political party willing to take a chance on a government that hasn’t been honest this time to do right by them in the future? They shouldn’t be until the last few years have been thoroughly aired out and disinfected. Both sides should be equally interested in preventing this from happening again.

I think Trump should say that he thinks that the DOJ and FBI did the right thing and ALL candidates and office holders will be investigated by a special team created by him. He should then go on to say that due to a manpower shortage they will have to concentrate on the democrats first. I wonder how quickly the rights which have been violated by the leftists in the FBI would suddenly become sacred were the shoe on the other foot.

My dear legislators, much like Kim Jong Un, you can be HEROES to your countrymen, SIMPLY BY DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.

He can feed his people and you can restore We, the People’s faith in the Constitution and the Department of Justice by exposing and prosecuting these criminals. The alternative is having a constituency with absolutely no faith in your authority and no reason not to take matters into their own hands.

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