Why the Left NEEDS a wall – and why they DON’T build it…


One of the most divisive topics today is the topic of immigration. Views on America’s borders run from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some people want to have the borders be a meaningless line that anyone can cross simply by stepping out of Mexico or Canada. Others want actual physical walls to keep out EVERYONE. Despite what people claim they want and/or believe many of the positions about the wall range from absurd to diabolical.

The Democrats, who were all for border security just a few short years ago,  from the time of Bill Clinton to the end of Obama sin Laden, now suddenly view border security as a complete affront to humanity. Trump is demonized and anyone that supports him is, by extension, an evil, loathesome person who deserves no respect or consideration.

Based upon RATIONAL reasons that is a terrible position to take. There are only two reasons to object to a border wall and one of them isn’t even valid. The first reason is that it supposedly helps the people who illegally immigrate. That is highly debatable. The second reason, the ACTUAL reason, is that the Democratic party wants to flood the country with uneducated workers who will be dependent upon the government, and therefore dependent upon the handouts promised by the Democrats. EVEN THOUGH the entitlements will destroy the country.

In regards to the noble reason, the first reason, it is debateable that illegal immigration or immigration into the United States is helping them AT ALL. According to who you believe people from Central America are paying up to 6000 each to get into the United States, where they have no jobs, no experience, and frequently no ability to communicate in english.

My first question is “If they can raise 6000 dollars to come into the US ILLEGALLY then the countries they are coming from must not be that terrible to begin with. How many Americans have gone their entire lives without ever having 6000 in cash to move or go somewhere on vacation? How many AMERICAN FAMILIES of five have 30,000 dollars available to them? Not many I bet. These families would be better served to stay in their current countries where the cost of living is low and where automation hasn’t eliminated unskilled positions, but the liberals will never tell them this, because it defeats their purpose of luring democratic voters to the United States. I wonder how much the Left would care about these people if they knew that they were likely to vote republican…

In the countries they are coming from 6000 is a large to a very large amount. More than enough to live on for a year. In the United States that money won’t even rent them a decent apartment for a year. So they left a country where they are relatively wealthy to come to a country where they will live in WORSE conditions.

According to some statistics the labor force for unskilled laborers will continue to decline, by some estimates costing up to 20 MILLION jobs in the next decade. What will unskilled Americans do to survive when unskilled illegal immigrants are taking the dwindling unskilled jobs?

By the democrats plan, there will be more and more people without abilities in this country each year for two reasons: the first is THEY WILL KEEP ALLOWING THEM IN. The second is robotics will make many unskilled labor jobs obsolete. Automated restaurants already exist. So by the Democrats plan we will have a burgeoning workforce in a dwindling job market.

They are trying to ensure the growth of the democratic party regardless of the cost to the country, and since they have no RATIONAL reasons to convince someone that their position is correct they resort to emotional displays that only further divide the country, including their policy of victimization and the constant labelling of people as “ists,” i.e. racist, sexist, misogynist, classist, etc., etc.

With just the slightest bit of thought all reasons for objecting to a border wall can easily be shown to be excuses, not reasons.

Both parties CLAIM to be concerned about opiod addiction and death. The Democrats also CLAIM to be concerned about the proliferation of guns in the United States. A simple thought experiment will show the aburdity of the current liberal position on the wall.

Let’s say that God or some highly advanced alien gives me a magic wand with incredible power. Let’s further suppose that I believe that getting rid of ALL guns in the United States is the correct thing to do. Then let’s suppose that I take my magic wand and I make ALL of the illegal drugs and ALL of the guns in the United States teleport into the sun. We INSTANTLY have a country that has ZERO drugs and ZERO guns.

We are almost home now. Further imagine just how long it will take for illegal drugs and guns to come across AN UNDEFENDED BORDER. Within 5 minutes of me making all the guns and all the drugs in the United States disappear more drugs and guns will flow into our country from Mexico, and the only difference between pre-wand and post-wand in this scenario is that law abiding American citizens will be defenseless vs drug dealers and gangsters coming from Mexico.

All of which means NOTHING to the elite liberals sitting in their multi million dollar mansions in gated communities. THEY keep undesirables out of THEIR homes, but they have no problem allowing MILLIONS of them to flood YOUR country, living on YOUR streets with THEIR feces and THEIR dirty hypodermics. They don’t mind if the rest of the country has a lower standard of living because they already have their riches.

I have a proposal on the illegal immigrants already in the country and any who may enter the country in the future. We simply pass a law that says that ANYONE who enters the country illegally CAN ONLY VOTE REPUBLICAN.

I can envision liberal heads exploding at that jest. I DO NOT propose making them all vote Republican, what I do propose is a law that makes it so that anyone that enters the country illegally can NEVER VOTE at ANY level. Give them extended work visas so they can get SSNs and pay taxes like the people they CLAIM they want to be. Let them go through the naturalization process like any other people trying to become American citizens. If that is what they really want that is what they will do. If that ISN’T what they really want then we will finally be able to see them as what they are, the tools of the Left.

Taking the vote away from illegal immigrants disincentivizes the Democratic Party. Much like the way Clinton Foundation donations dried up once Hillary was rejected by the American voters in over 2500 out of 3100 counties in the United States did, Democrats interest in immigrants will disappear once they can’t bring in illegals to vote democratic.

The final layer of the liberals hypocrisy can be demonstrated as well. We have heard nothing but “what about the children” ever since Trump was elected. What a bunch of hypocrites. Where was their concern for “the children” for 8 years of O’Bumble, including two years of a super majority during which they could have enacted any immigration policy they chose? They chose to do nothing, to maintain NO POLICY, or I should say NO STATED POLICY, because their real policy would alienate Americans if they did state it.

They want to flood the country with potential democrats and they do not care about THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. If they REALLY cared about children they would have done something about the MILLIONS of people left homeless and the hundreds of thousands of children killed, orphaned or enslaved by ISIS. Where was their great concern THEN? Their concern is their OWN political agendas, most particularly the agenda of staying in power.

If they REALLY cared about children they would have done something about the poverty IN THE UNITED STATES. If they REALLY cared about children they would educate the children IN THE UNITED STATES. If they REALLY cared about children they would encourage families to remain families instead of incentivizing them to NOT be families.

Don’t let them fool you. The Left does NOT care about children, and they REALLY do not care about YOU. They only care about their misguided and impossible economic and social systems and they will attempt any dishonest and unethical means to achieve their ends.

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