Breaking the Stonewall


It is now clear that the heads of the FBI and DOJ are stonewalling congress. They have no intentions of producing the evidence the legislators are requesting. They have every intention of dragging this out until the current administration has gone, even if it takes 7 more years.

The lengths they have gone to are clear indicators of the collusion between the heads of both agencies to first create the outcome of the 2016 election, and, when that failed, to try to invalidate it. President Trump has been far too kind on them. I think it is time to bypass the FBI heads and the DOJ heads and get the information from alternative sources.

President Trump should hold an address and ask all members of the FBI and DOJ with evidence of CRIMINAL wrongdoing by their superiors in regards to the 2016 election or its aftermath to come forward with the proof.

He should also go directly to the NSA and get the files that Congress has requested repeatedly. They copy every bit of data transmitted in the United States and they surely have it. Trump has been very friendly to the DOD, they should have some people willing to come forward with the facts.

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