The Awakening of Minorities


For some inexplicable reason minorities in the United States have been dedicated supporters of the Democratic Party for more than five decades. In recent years small numbers of minorities have finally come to realize that the party is NOT helping them, but keeping them down.

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the history of this country. In the 19th century the Democratic Party fought FOR slavery during the Civil War. In the 20th century the Democratic Party fought AGAINST civil rights and the ERA. Now we are in the 21st century and the Democratic Party is preaching the politics of victimization. They preach that all minorities and women are victims of our society.

I know several black people who have rejected this philosophy. They do not believe that they are victims and they do not believe they have no control of their own lives. They have worked hard and they have made progress due to their own ethics, not because of government handouts or the guilt of the majority.

Proof positive that the Democratic Party does not care about the plight of minorities is easy to provide. During eight years under Pres. Obama the Democratic Party did absolutely nothing to help minorities, other than to show them that not all whites are bigots and that blacks and minorities in this country have opportunities equal to everyone else.

If they actually cared about the poor in this country they would do things totally different than what they are doing. They keep the poor poor and dependent upon government programs in the belief that people that are dependent upon the government will continue to vote Democrat. If they actually cared about raising our minorities they would make education a number one priority in the United States. THEY DO NOT!!!

Why? Because they know poor people with nothing to lose will vote democrat. People that own property will usually seek to protect that property. People who have worked for their property resent having it taken away from them. People that resent having their money taken away from them tend to shun the Democratic Party because they are the party of government handouts, entitlements and ever spiraling taxation. It is clear why the Democratic Party has no interest in helping minorities. They are just talking points they use in order to keep poor voters in the Democratic queue.

People as diverse as Malcolm X and Charles Barkley have noted that minorities and the poor have voted Democratic throughout history, AND THEY ARE STILL POOR. Instead of praising people such as Candace Owens, Ben Carson, and Herman Cain for their accomplishments they insult, attack and reject them. They cast aspersions to their race, their morality and their intelligence.

If they were truly champions of the black person and minorities they would be heaping praise upon these people, but they do not. They attack them relentlessly because they challenge the Democratic talking points which state that everyone that is not a white male is a victim.

Many minorities have come to realize that this is not the truth.

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