James Comey


The more I see the man the more I come to realize that he had no business ever being FBI Director in the first place.

His professed traits indicate that he would not have even made a good field agent much less an FBI director. The way I see it there are only two possibilities where Comey is concerned: he is either the most incompetent agency head in the history of the United States or he is one of the most crooked.

The Case for Incompetence

Let’s examine the words which the letters FBI represent. The I stands for investigation. Investigation is a procedure of attempting to find things out. One of the primary prerequisites for any investigator should be a natural curiosity. Per his recent statements James Comey is the least curious investigator in the history of the Bureau. Comey CLAIMS that he did not know who wrote the Steele dossier, that he did not know who paid for the Steele dossier, that he did not know why information regarding the Hillary email investigation seem to disappear into limbo for three weeks prior to the election and that he did not know who leaked info on the Steele dossier.

One would think that mere intellectual curiosity would lead one to want to know the origin of these documents, why critical information regarding the email case was delayed for three weeks or why he was instructed to change wording from investigation to matter.

If the natural inborn curiosity was not enough to compel Comey to seek the answers to these questions then his role as the leader of the premier investigative agency in the world should have been. IT WAS HIS JOB!!! COMEY was fully aware of the impact his job performance could have both on the 2016 election and the presidency of Donald J Trump. He knows that false allegations can destroy political careers. It is clear that his intent was to destroy the political career of Donald J Trump.

The case for crooked.

Comey stated that he may have handled the Hillary email investigation differently if he thought that Trump was going to win. Clearly he chose not to do his job and to cover-up the revelations of his agents because he wanted to be part of Hillary’s administration.

He claimed that what he did was NOT a leak, and that he did nothing improper. Nothing could be further from the truth. If he was doing nothing wrong then why did he use a proxy to get the info out to start a dishonorable investigation? It is HIS JOB to let us know if criminal behavior is occurring, and if he thought it was improper HE should have addressed it to the UNITED STATES, not his political cronies. He KNEW the info was salacious and that is why he didn’t want to be connected to it. He hoped by leaking it via his professor “friend” – who just happened to be an FBI agent, that he could damage the presidency without damaging his own reputation.

Give it up Jim, your reputation is dirt. At this point NO ONE believes you. You have convinced both Democrats and Republicans of your incompetence and your unworthiness. The only positive to come from this is that you have given both parties someone to unite against.

The fact that Comey took these kinds of risks indicates to me that there is a far deeper criminal connection between the Clintons, the Russians, the FBI, the State Department and James Comey. He was trying to get the president impeached or at the very least put the President on the defensive for his entire term in office so that the proper attention could not be turned towards him.

James Comey was one of the biggest players in the Deep State. Investigate him and you should be able to find ALL of the dirty dealings the Clintons, Obama and the DNC were involved in.

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