Freedom School


Freedom School

Over and over they feed us the line,
Time and again they commit the crime.
They know it’s wrong to impose on us,
and stab our backs when they have our trust.

But the Almighty dollar rules our lives
and makes us cheat and live with lies.
One thing about our country that’s great
is that we don’t have to participate.

As much as it seems that we have no control,
they may own our body but not our soul.
It’s time to put democracy to the test,
It’s time to put the inequities to rest.

Our government is the masses
who’ve forgotten how to rule,
We must educate the people,
We must go to freedom school.

Rule number one at freedom school,
“Find out for yourself, don’t be a fool.”
The second rule that we always teach,
Is “Be silent, or practice what you preach.”
Then we have trusty rule number three,
“You must be aware if you want to be free.”
Now we move on to rule number four,
“It’s fair play that matters, not the end score.”
Rule number five is easy to learn,
“Don’t butt in if it’s not your concern.”
Next in our school is rule number six,
“Blind trust makes victims of dirty tricks.”
Rule number seven says, “Don’t let your vision,
Be fogged by con men selling religion.”
Our personal favorite is rule number eight,
“Personal rights overrule the state.”
Number nine continues number eight,
“Don’t let others control your fate.”
Not last or least is commandment ten,
“You have no right to rule other men.”

The only freedom that’s truly fair
is the freedom we all can share.

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