Cleaning up the FBI, DOJ, State Department, etc., etc.


This is so obvious I don’t know why it hasn’t already been done. It is clear that the upper echelon of leaders and directors in the FBI, State Department and the Department of Justice have been involved in collusion in an attempt to subvert the election of 2016, and all subsequent actions against properly elected president Donald J Trump.

They have repeatedly stonewalled congressional requests for documentation. It is CLEAR that they are involved in the criminal activities of the previous administration. There is no other explanation as to why they would refuse to provide the documentation. Trump’s campaign could provide 1.2 million documents in a week. The Department of Justice and the FBI have failed to provide even a modest fraction of that amount in over a year’s time.

It is time to stop playing the game with the leaders of these departments. President Trump should have a national address during which he asks all rank-and-file FBI, DOJ and State Department workers to come forward with any knowledge they have concerning the upper echelons attempts to manipulate the election of 2016 and any subsequent efforts to invalidate Donald J Trump’s presidency.

In the meantime, the president should go directly to the National Security Agency and request the documents which have been stonewalled by the DOJ, the FBI and the State Department. The NSA captures every bit of data generated or transmitted in the United States each and every day. THEY HAVE THE DOCUMENTS. The president should bypass the FBI, Department of Justice and the State Department and get these records directly from the NSA. Hopefully the NSA has not been corrupted as the other departments have been.

It is possible that the NSA has been corrupted as badly as the FBI, DOJ and State Departments have. That is why Pres. Trump should go directly to the rank-and-file members of these three agencies or departments and get PROOF of election interference and/or collusion by their superiors in an attempt to cripple the presidency of the United States. Most of the men and women in law enforcement are honorable individuals and they should recognize the wrongness of what their leaders have done. To NOT correct this problem is to DOOM our country to political cronyism, corruption and personal attacks using the IRS, DOJ and FBI as tools.

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