The Near Death of Pride


There are many problems in American society today. They range from the smallest issues for the youngest people to the largest issues for the oldest people. They span the societal, intellectual and economic strata. One problem lying at the root of many of those problems is a lack of pride. The behavior of individuals, governments and corporations are all suffering from a lack of pride.

The Bible teaches that pride is a sin. It is not. As long as our pride is not misplaced and we do not feel pride for things which are sociopathic like murder, robbery and rape, pride is a very good thing. Being proud of oneself leads one to live a virtuous life. People that have no self pride are willing to participate in the lowest acts. They care not about their reputations or their integrity.

Recently we had a president who went out of his way to squash American pride. He went on a world-wide apology tour. He preached that everything Americans had done and had previously known was wrong. He taught them that they should feel shame for living in a good society, for having a high standard of living, and for being world leaders.

He tried to shame us and take away our pride so that he and other like thinking individuals could do whatever they wished to do to our country. They hoped we would be so ashamed of ourselves and our country that we would not feel like we were worthy enough to even question any of the decisions the elite left made or to have any input as to which direction America and the world was going. Fortunately it didn’t work on everyone.

America has its problems. It always has and always will, but there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of being in America or being an American. In fact there are lots of reasons to be proud of being an American.

Following World War II United States was the undisputed world power. With the use of the atomic bomb we could have conquered the entire world. The United States could have stripped the resources of every conquered country and left them with nothing. The United States could have made them all colonies of the United States. We did not. In fact we helped rebuild those countries and reinstituted a government for their people.

Does anyone believe that the Germans, Japanese or Russians would have done the same thing following World War II if they had possessed the atomic bomb?

Americans are the most generous people in the world. We have sent disaster, economic and medical aid to virtually every country on the planet at one time or another. We have helped 3rd world countries who were unable to help themselves and who had nothing to offer us in return.

Do not let the “Moral Superiority” shame you. If they feel shame they are welcome to it. They should know if they deserve to feel ashamed or not.

Be an honorable person with integrity and be brave enough to speak your mind. Do not let others browbeat or bully you with their political correctness and/or their moral superiority for frequently those traits exist only in their stated ideals and not in their daily practices.

Do the right thing. Be PROUD of it. Reject shame unless YOU have actually done something shameful.

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